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"This page isn't only about the Author of this website; it's also about us all, we need more food conciousness."

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Sayangourmet started in the United States 10 years ago, but at the time it was only an idea that had existed in a woman's mind.  This particular woman had decided to utilize her cooking talents developed in her native home town of Malaysia.  She moved to the US two years prior to her discovery of this new idea.  Cooking was her life, since the age of 12 as a child helping her mom & dad cook meals for dinner time, making snacks, holidays & social gatherings of family and friends.


With her passion for cooking & re-developing home cooked recipe's increasing each day, she made a lot of progress and also have diversified her recipe's in many ways. This website is all about people getting to share recipe's, or their cooking skills.  The joy of cooking has motivated her in recent years to come up with this bright idea "Sayangourmet". Enjoy the activities here and have fun!



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